Low Cost, High Quality Winter Explorer Courses for Schools

We have two options for winter and spring courses. The Winter Explorer course is a low cost but high quality residential trip; the second option is a massive reduction of prices for our classic residential trips in late winter and early spring. 

The Winter Explorer is a  new course for January 2018,  but places are limited so please book early. Read on to find out more.

If you would like to find out our reduced prices for 2018 onwards, please contact us.

Winter Explorer

This is a three day course for just £99 per person. The program consists of a number of activities that are suitable for the winter due to high levels of activity and limited waiting around. We even have a indoor pool so you can still take part in kayaking and raft building.

This three day course is just £99 per person.

We are able to to provide waterproofs for those in need as well as a well-deserved hot cocoa at the end of the day. During the evening we have a range of resources that teachers can use to run their own sessions such as discos and talent shows.

Outdoor courses for schools affordable
We are able to offer waterproofs for all students that need them.

To find out more please click here.

If all these courses have sold out don’t panic. We have dramatically changed our prices for late winter and early spring and you could book a trip that still fits in your budget.

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