In school teambuilding

Free Team Building event at your school!

Bowles is offering a free In-school Team Building day at a local school.

As so many people have missed out on outdoor educational experiences, what better way to start the school term than with a Team Building event run within the schools grounds?

How to enter 

Simply comment on the relevant social media post, tag your school, like and share the post. 

More information about the day

Our In-School Team will arrive at your school in the morning and run a range of Team Building activities. This can be done on a sports field or playground. Your Bowles instructor will coordinate the whole event. The event is extremely good fun but also come with a host of educational outcomes. Our staff or extremely experienced and we are sure the children will have a great time. 

All our events have been made Covid secure but we will also work closing with schools to ensure that we are meeting both Bowles’s own policies as well as the  schools. 

Below is a video of the in-school event in action. If you would like to find out more click here

Terms and conditons

  1. The school must be within 20 miles of Bowles outdoor centre.
  2. Each school can only be nominated once.
  3. Nominations can occur on Facebook and Instagram – but rule 2 still applies.
  4. Bowles will run an free event for a group of up to 30 children, the event will last 3 hours.
  5. Winners will be picked at Random on the 26th of October.
  6. For an entry to count, the social media post must be ‘liked’, ‘shared’ and the nominated school needs to be tagged within the comments of the post.
  7. The Bowles team will need access to a playing field or playground in which to run the event.
  8. We can run the event for year 5 to year 8 classes.

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