Vanquis Bank

The Vanquis Bank Graduate Development programme is one with a difference as it leaves a lasting legacy for the young people we work with.

About the Vanquis Bank Graduate Programme

We have been working with Vanquis bank for a number of years. Their programme has developed into something a little different now and their graduates not only get a lot out of their development programme, but they are acting on their CSR’s by putting something back in. Their latest programme involved building a See Saw, or as they called it, a ‘V Saw’….

The objectives of the programme:

  • Understand how communication awareness and skills can be amplified to support on-going development.
  • Increase personal impact amongst colleagues/peers/customers
  • Take responsibility for own development.
  • Increase awareness of  identified development/talent areas.
  • Provide a robust action plan to take back to the work place to ensure individual development is on-going.

In 2017 we worked with 6 highly motivated and highly capable graduates right at the beginning of their exciting journey within the bank. After exploring their Myers Briggs personality preferences with them, they demonstrated remarkable self-awareness and aptitude over a series of problem-solving as well as more challenging tasks. In the ensuing discussions the graduates had no trouble linking their “can-do” approach to the new challenges which will face them during their Graduate Scheme and thereafter.

And then they gave something back to the young people who come to Bowles

On the second day all their effort, skill and, at times, muscle power was put into leaving a lasting legacy for the Bowles Charity – The Bowles Rocks Trust . The objective was for the graduates to work together and build a new outdoor activity for the young people who come to Bowles.


The Vanquis Bank mentors and the Bowles facilitators saw the graduates design and build a new activity called the “V Saw”. This is a powerful activity which needed the full involvement and input of every team member in order to succeed. As well as the physical construction of the activity, the Graduates also had to produce risk assessments, which were signed off by the Bowles facilitator.

Bowles is always looking for ways to bring out the strengths of quieter team members. These are team members who can struggle to make their ideas heard; therefore they feel lost and not valued. However as they get older the value of their reflective input is invaluable in reaching success. This can be equally powerful for Leadership Development with adults already in the world of work. The highlight of the event was to see the graduate team facilitate as a group of children successfully use the new activity.

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