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Bowles Policies

A page with all our policies and documentation. This includes our Covid-19 policy as well as a quick video update on schools residential and day courses.

Below are some of our policies and forms you may find useful:

Bowles Photography and Video Policy

Bowles Consent Form – U18

Bowles Consent Form – Adult

Bowles Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Consent forms are professionally securely destroyed once we have no need for them. 

Covid 19 updates and policies

Please see our most updated policy below. There are some key points within this that are highlighted in Bold. The recent update on the 10th May from the DoE has made a couple of changes to residential trips. One of the key changes is that schools should form smaller bubbles of ‘circa’ 30 students. Due to the arrangements we have in place (see document below) we are recommending a maximum bubble size of 36.

Please don’t worry about the smaller bubble sizes that are now required. Bowles has been planning this for a long time and have all the procedures in place. As long as you can provide us with the room lists and activity groups, we will do the rest.

What we recommend is that activity groups are arranged first, and then these groups can be split into smaller groups for room allocation. As long as there are no more than 36 students per dormitory floor ,then all requirements can be met. We are recommending around 4 people per group but this can be increased if required.

Another key point is that schools are expected to provide visiting staff from within the schools workforce. If this is causing an problem for you, please let us know. Bowles does not require a teacher with every activity group so we can work with you to make sure the trip runs smoothly.