School residential activity trips

Residential courses

A residential experience with challenging activities and positive experiences away from school or college is often just what young people need to take their development and learning to the next level.

We work with schools and colleges to develop residential courses which meet your aims.

Courses can focus on:

  • Personal Development, Confidence, Self-awareness, Taking Responsibility
  • Team Development, Teambuilding, Respect for Others & Cooperation
  • Outdoor Activity Skills Development
  • Covering aspects of your curriculum
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Enjoyment, Celebration and Fun

The benefits of a residential experience

Living and working closely in a residential setting helps young people to develop understanding and awareness of each other, whilst adventurous outdoor activities help them to become more aware of their own strengths and abilities. Learning to manage their own safety in real situations through problem solving and challenging outdoor activities helps to develop a responsibility and maturity. All together this  experience leads to lasting results – translating into higher classroom attainment and more rounded young people who are better prepared for their lives ahead.

Bowles provides comfortable accommodation, great food, dedicated staff, real activities and stunning facilities.

Why Choose Bowles?

Our friendly and efficient admin team will make the booking process smooth. Our purpose built accommodation will ensure that everyone gets the rest they need. Our delicious, home cooked food will ensure that everyone is healthy and happy during their visit and our staff and activities will provide an unforgettable and inspirational learning experience.

Teachers and the Bowles team working together

Teachers are welcomed as part of our wider staff team, sharing our staff room and working with us to achieve their aims. Teachers’ rooms are comfortable and well positioned, helping to supervise children whilst also giving you space to sleep. Bowles has a dedicated Course Coordinator whose role is to manage and oversee the course and to work with you to help you achieve your aims. At night time we have an on-site Duty Instructor who is on-call in the event of an emergency.

Unique and stunning place to learn

Combine all this with our unique and beautiful activity site boasting a stunning natural sandstone rock face, two ski slopes and an indoor heated pool, and Bowles truly becomes a memorable place for young people to have an experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives and that will help prepare them for an active and successful future.