Life at Bowles

Watch the schools residential video.

Bowles is a unique venue where young people can be inspired.  They will be challenged yet safe, and cared for whilst having the independence to make decisions and to take responsibility for their choices and their actions. We believe in developmental outdoor learning and in growth through experience, as well as fantastic activities.

Life at Bowles is busy, it takes place around an exciting, packed programme of activities, interspersed with healthy, hot, home cooked meals.  Because of this, young people usually sleep well in spite of their excitement at being away from home with friends, often for the first time.  Children soon fall into a healthy routine and often can’t believe when it is time to go home!

Accommodation at Bowles

The Dorm

The Dorm has modern accommodation for 124 spread over two main floors in our purpose built dormitory.  Each of the 16 group rooms has 7 beds, one low and three bunkbeds.  Visiting staff rooms are located centrally on each floor with a seating area and coffee and tea making facilities and a fridge for milk and any meds.

The Lodge

For a small supplement, the Lodge, normally used by our L&D clients, has 46-beds in en-suite rooms.


We place great importance on ensuring all our guests have a balanced-diet, our food is home cooked and, where possible, locally-sourced.

Tuck shop – A residents view

“The tuck shop at Bowles is really small but it has lots of stuff in it. There’s lots of different sweets and souvenirs you can buy. I thought the Bowles bugs were really cute, the ladybird was my favourite. I also bought a pink Bowles bag so that I could carry my stuff on activities. You are only allowed to buy one sweetie every day, but it is really cool having your own money and deciding what to spend it on. I wish I could have had enough money to buy a t-shirt they were cool!”

Natalie, aged 10

The Cabin – A residents view

“The Cabin is right next to the ski slope which is great because it means you can watch your friends on the ski slope. The best thing about the cabin is the drinks machines it’s cool to be able to choose what you want. I liked the Suso drinks the best, they tasted really good and I think they’re healthy too. Our school met in the cabin just before bedtime to have a chat about our day and drink something hot”

Ben, aged 11

The Games Room – A residents view

The Games Room has a ping pong table and table football. It is a good place to play with your mates during your free time. The ping pong ball got squashed but it was ok because we bought a new one from the tuck shop. The Games Room is opposite the football pitch which is great too, except the ball kept rolling down the hill!

Edward, aged 10

You can choose your own programme and the duration of the course can be anything from a single night to five days or more. The programme below is a typical five day programme but the choice of activities can be tailored to fit your goals.