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Residential activities

Bowles has a huge range of activities for all ages and types of course.  We work with schools to design an activity programme that really meets your needs. You can either help design your own activity program or you can pick your outcomes and we will design you a program that will best fit your needs.

Each of our activities can be adapted by our experienced instructors to achieve different learning outcomes depending on the needs of the group and the aims of the course.

The links below give some more details of the activities and learning outcomes available at Bowles.

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Skiing is a great activity for all ages, all times of the day  and all times of year. It is extremely active, fun and huge amount of progression can seen from start to finish.

kayaking with school groups

Watersports day

A watersports day gives the groups a chance to take part in kayaking, open canoeing and raft building all in one action-packed day. This day has a huge amount of activity time due to the fact all the activities are done at the same very local venue.

Bowles rocks south east england

Rock climbing

Bowles is unique in having its own natural rock face onsite with hundreds of routes and climbs. Whether you have done rock climbing before at an indoor wall or this is your first time, Bowles rocks will be able to provide you with experience to last a lifetime.

raft building at outdoor centre

Raft building

The students will be given a selection of equipment and then be set a challenge of building and paddling an improvised raft.

Outdoor raft building is limited to select times of the year but the indoor session can be run all year round.

Day course activities for schools

Leap of faith

The Leap of Faith is an activity where students will really push themselves and conquer challenges that they never thought possible.

Each person will get the opportunity to climb as

kaykaing outdoor centre


Bowles has its own indoor heated swimming pool and access to local rivers and lakes. The pool is a perfect venue for colder months or a great introduction to kayaking before heading out for a full day on the river.

Top of a zipwire tree on OAA trip

Zip wire

There is a huge amount of exhilaration and excitement in this activity as well as elements of teamwork, trust and support.

The zip wire is often combined with our low ropes course. Students will belay each

School group teamworking

Team building

The provision that Bowles has for team building has to be some of the best in the country. We have various team building areas across the site including our own woodlands that are covered in permanent high quality team building activities.

outdoor centre kent


Archery is fundamentally different from many off the traditional outdoor activities. We often find that people who have found other activities challenging often excel at archery.

Archery requires skills such as

schools orienteering


Orienteering is a classic outdoor activity that promotes skills much as map reading, using scales, measuring distance and reading a key in fun and exciting way.

We have three options for this activity

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a wonderful half-day activity at the offsite venue Bedgebury Park. Our instructors will lead groups around an off-road bike course giving tips and challenges along the way.

outdoor activities for schools in kent and sussex


Although our climbing sessions start with a small amount of bouldering, this is limited to around 30 minutes. If you would like a longer amount of time practicing climbing skills and building confidence a bouldering session would be a good choice. 

canoeing at outdoor activity centre


Open canoeing is similar to kayaking but as we use two person boats, there is a large degree of teamwork and co-operation needed. The Bowles instructors will play games, teach skills and develop confidence within the group.

school group learning skills at outdoor centre


Bushcraft is an excellent session where students will learn about fire-lighting and building their own fires. Depending on the length of the activity we may also cover water filtration
methods too.