campfire session at outdoor centre in kent and sussex

Relaxed evening sessions

Treasure Hunt, DVD, talent show, journal time, campfires

Our residential trips are action packed and the young people get very little time to stop and relax. This is why a more relaxed session on one of the evenings is essential.

Campfires are great activities that can involve storytelling, jokes or songs. The young people will also get the chance to toast marshmallows.

Talent show is a teacher led activity (although there will be an instructor there for support) This works very well when the young people are told in advance that there will be a talent show and they have to prepare a short piece for everyone to watch. The schools that take part in this often find that the kids love it and can be a real highlight for them.

DVD night is as simple as it sounds, a chance to watch a DVD. We have projectors and a small selection of DVDs. Please feel free to bring your own film that will be more up-to-date than some of ours.

Treasure Hunt is led by a Bowles staff member and gives the young people a chance to explore Bowles in small groups. They will be given a map and then they will have to follow a series of clues around the site until they find the hidden treasure at the end. This session can finish with a small campfire at the end.

Journal time is an option for schools that want to give the young people more time to fill in their Explorer Journals. This is run by a Bowles staff member but support will be needed from the visiting teaching staff.