Team building outdoor learning

Team challenge

An action-packed half day problem solving and teamwork challenge.

This activity is a great option for groups looking to book a course on a budget, it can even be combined with one of our core activities.

There are 11 team-building challenges set within our woods. Groups of between 8 and 12 students (depending on your overall group size) will be given maps to navigate to different challenges scattered around the enclosed one acre woodland area.

The aim is to work together and complete as many challenges as possible within the set time.

There will be instructors around the woods giving assistance when needed and managing the day from the very start.

Each small activity group will require an adult to walk around the woods with the children in order to keep them working together and to keep score.

The adults will be given a score card and an information pack that explains how to complete the challenges and giving all of the answers.



12 to 24 people this will need one instructor £175
25 to 48 people this will need two instructors £350
49 to 72 people this will need three instructors £525

The best group sizes are 10 to 12 people in each team. The larger the teams, the cheaper the course will become. If you have 3 or 6 teams of 12, the cost is only £4.86 per person. We recommend maximum team sizes of 12 but we are able to be flexible with this.

Below is a PDF document that you can use if planning a day course to Bowles. This document has details of the activities as well as the solutions to the challenges

team-challenge-activity-briefs-full-leader pack