In school teambuilding

In-school enrichment

Our In-School Team will arrive at your school in the morning and set up a range of team building activities. This can be done on a sports field or even in a large indoor area. Your Bowles instructor will coordinate the whole event.

The young people will be split into groups and work in teams with the aim of completing as many activities as they can within the given time. We have over 30 different team challenges which are not only great fun but really encourage the young people to work together.

How does the day work?

This event works well as the three hour session although we can be flexible in order to fit around your timetable. We will arrive before the event is due to start and set up the activities on a field/sports ground. The Bowles instructors will then meet the participants and explain how the event works. We will also give a short introduction to teamwork and icebreaker event.

The participants will then split up into groups of around 12 and aim to complete was many of the activities as possible. They will pick which activities they would like to do from the central ‘Hub’ and then head off to the correct area. There are no time limits to the activities but the quicker they are completed the more points the team will earn.

Scoring – each group will require an adult/supervisor to work with them and keep a track of the points. The supervisor will also have a role of making sure the groups are not cheating. All the supervisors will be given training on how the task work as well as been given an information pack that contains all the answers and tips that can be given to the groups.

The Bowles instructors will also be monitoring the tasks and providing support when needed.

What kind of challenges will the young people take part in?

We have a range of over 30 team building tasks that require a number of skills from leadership, co-operation, listening and planning. The tasks are designed to provide a number of different challenges from mental skills to more practice tasks. This allows people with different skill sets to excel at different times.