OAA at residential center Kent and Sussex

Day course activities

All our activities can be done as part of a day trip to Bowles, you can choose a combination of activities or combine a single activity with our Team Challenge Event.

The outdoors is a perfect place for fun, education and social distancing

With our own rock face, two ski slopes, ropes courses and a indoor heated pool, we are able to offer a huge range of activities. See below to find out about each one.

Our activity sessions are normally three hours in length. This means that the session can either be one long session or two shorter sessions. The table below explains which sessions can be combined and which need a full session.

Longer sessionsSessions that can be combined
Rock climbing (if combining with bouldering)Bouldering
SnowboardingPool kayaking
High ropes course (including a zip wire)Pool rafting
HarrisonsTeam building
Offsite raft building (summer only)Bushcraft
Orienteering in local woodsLeap of Faith
Full day sessionsJacobs ladder
 Offsite kayakingLow Ropes
Water sports dayEarth Walks
Centre based orienteering
School group teamworking

Team building on a day course

Our team building activities are fun, exciting and educational. We have real swamps to cross, giant spiders webs (not from real spiders) and a huge wall to climb over. Our site is full of  engaging team building challenges to suit all ages. Don’t forget we also have an In-School Team that can bring all the challenges to your school.

school group learning skills at outdoor centre

Bushcraft on a day course

This engaging activity is fun and educational . Students will learn how to build and light their own fires, how to clean water to make it safe for drinking and many other facts about nature. This activity links very well with the science curriculum, we even have a lesson plans that can link fire lighting to the carbon cycle.