Kayaking & canoeing

Learn in the Bowles pool or on one of the rivers and lakes in the area

Pool kayaking

We run this session as a school holiday course or birthday party, or as a private lesson if you have a group who’d like to learn some skills in our heated indoor pool.

We have a range of boats for all ages and abilities.

We also run Pool Raft sessions as birthday parties – the ultimate test of ingenuity and teamwork. Build it well, or get wet!l.

kaykaing outdoor centre
Indoor kayaking

Outdoor kayaking and canoeing

We have a fleet of river kayaks and canoes and run outdoor kayaking and canoeing sessions as:

  • school holiday courses for kids – book online

We use a range of nearby rivers and lakes – we’ll pick the best one for your group’s needs and the weather conditions.


Indoor Rolling sessions

This 1.5 hour course is the perfect way to learn how to roll a kayak. Learning to roll in a indoor heated swimming pool has to be the best way to learn this confidence building skill.

Our qualified and experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know. This lesson is best suited to people that already have some basic skills such as being able to ‘wet exit’ a kayak.

To book – please email admin@bowles.rocks.

Rent the Bowles pool

We rent our pool out to clubs and qualified instructors – call the Office on 01892 665665.