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This beautifully designed book will be available to accompany a residential stay at Bowles. It is designed to record and enhance the learning that takes place at Bowles during a residential. It will also capture all of this great learning so that everyone back at home can see what they’ve been up to.

It is an interesting and engaging resource (we think!) and covers subjects ranging from Goal Setting to Comfort Zones and Teamwork to building dens!

The learning journal is a free resource given to all residential groups

On this page you will find some worksheets which you can download to help prepare your children for their visit to Bowles. They encourage the children to think about who they are, what skills they already have and what aims they might have for their visit to Bowles. If you bring them along to Bowles they can be added to the journal.


goal setting

my skills wall

may i introduce myself

after bowles action plan