school group on outdoor education trip

Low ropes course for residents

The Low Ropes course is an assault course which, despite its name, does have a couple of higher elements.  The height of the Low Ropes is the perfect height to provide a good level of excitement but still low enough to be achievable to all. Low Ropes has a large amount of activity time and little waiting around and is enjoyed by all age groups.

The young people work in pairs during this activity; the pairs have to help each other and monitor each other’s safety (under the supervision of a Bowles instructor). This helps develop trust, empathy and communication as well as other outcomes such as developing new social groups and breaking down existing hierarchies.

This session can be combined with the zip wire or done as a standalone activity. We are even able to run a team building event called ‘Waiter Service’ where the group have to work together to carry a wobbly water container around the course.